Friendship Circle Volunteers establish bonds of friendship with their peers who have disabilities. They become advocates for their new friends, expand their social circles and receive community service hours while having fun!
Volunteer Opportunities for Teens & Young Adults:

Friendship Circle offers over 6 monthly programs suitable for teens and young adults. Volunteers choose from our lineup of fun classes and commit to attending each month, learn more about each HERE

Once you decide on the program or programs you are interested in, fill out the form below. All new volunteers attend a fun hands-on training workshop to learn skills on how best to work with our kids and what to expect. At each program (except for Leadership Board) volunteers are paired one-on-one with a child or teen with special needs to spend the session with. By attending each class together, volunteers teach their buddy social skills and bond!

With assistance from our Leadership Board teens, we also host monthly outings, parties and holiday events where volunteers can attend with flexibility.

Volunteer Opportunities for Adults:

Are you patient, kind and have time to spare? Adults with disabilities are looking for a friend like you! Volunteer at the adult clubs and spend a few hours getting to know some of our most isolated friends.

Friendship Circle is also always in need of capable adults to assist at events! Are you creative? Do you like to take pictures? Interested in cooking for parties? Want to teach guitar or painting? Interested in joining a dedicated committee to plan our gala or charity walk?

Let us know in your application what you are interested in and we are thrilled to place you with the program or event where you can shine brightest. Community support is a huge part of what makes FC so successful, give back today!

Volunteer Application

  • Parent Information if under 18

  • Tell Us About You

  • References